How Provestra Ingredients Reduces Hot Flashes, Vaginal Dryness And Boost Women’s Sexual Libido

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Sex should be Mind-numbing, Earth-shattering sex  and simply awesome.

When was the last time you had sex that was so good that you screamed and moaned so loud that your neighbors complained?

Have you even ever had sex that amazing?

If you have already, but it’s been a while since, then don’t worry, there’s ample of help coming your the way. And if you’ve never experienced that kind of amazing sex, then you deserve it!

Sadly, the everyday pressures of being a modern day woman in today’s society eventually take their toll on a woman’s body. There are finances, family issues and careers.

Yes. These are very important issues. But they tend to wreak havoc in a once healthy and satisfying sex life by messing up the hormonal balances of the woman’s body.

Suddenly the sex just ain’t the same as it used to be. Or not good at all.

Fortunately for you, We’ve formulated Provestra-supplement to directly address the hormonal imbalances and shifts that often occur as women age.

Rather than turn to clinical labs and pharmaceutical drugs that need doctor’s prescriptions and more often than not come with harmful side effects, we choose to turn elsewhere to awaken the natural sexual prowess hidden within every woman.

You see the ancient guys knew the sexual powers of some herbal extracts and also the sexual healing properties they possessed. For example, the Chinese  have long been using Ginkgo Biloba to increase the flow of blood to the genital areas which increases sexual sensitivity –  making sex feel more pleasurable.

So we believe there is much more wisdom in the teachings of the ancients that went before us. And accordingly so, we have formulated this Provestra-supplement with a series of powerful aphrodisiacs and herbals that reduces hot flashes , increases vaginal lubrication in women, boosts women’s sexual desire and increases the frequency and number of orgasms achieved.

Well, Even the ancient people enjoyed a good romp in the hay once in a while!

So, some of these ancient sexually enhancing herbal extracts in Provestra-capsule include:

Black Cohosh Root  This has been long used for treating signs and symptoms of menopause, including vaginal dryness and hot flashes. Black cohosh has an estrogen like effect on a woman’s body that can boost her fertility, treat her cramps and heavy menstrual flow, and even provide relief from labor pains

Ginseng  This is ancient Asian plant long used for its aphrodisiac capabilities. Ginseng contains phytoestrogens which stimulate the pituitary gland  – the organ responsible for regulating a woman’s sexuality and fertility. Even in men, ginseng has been used to treat erectile dysfunction and recent research suggests that it makes both male and female reproductive organs work much faster – leading to more sexual desire and pleasure

Ginkgo Biloba This has been used since ancient times to enhance mental sharpness. Ginkgo Biloba has also been proven to increase blood flow to your sexual organs, which increases orgasm frequency and overall sexual enjoyment of a woman.

Damiana This is a wild shrub native to South and Central America. It’s a very powerful naturally occurring aphrodisiac that delivers oxygen to the female genitalia area and increases clitoral sensitivity and sensations. Damiana is also known to reduce hot flashes,  alleviates vaginal dryness , balance hormonal levels and increases frequency  and number of orgasms a woman experiences

Theobromine  This is an alkaloid of the cacao plant and is found in a variety of sources, including tea and chocolate. Theobromine is basically a mild stimulant that provides urgent bursts of energy needed to keep up with things in the bedroom. It’s also known to be a relaxant that dilates the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure

These herbal components combine to form an elixir of pure sexual satisfaction in women looking to inject an amazing fulfilling sex into their already boring sex life. Whether it’s just for the first time or it’s just been a while, Provestra-pills has been clinically proven to effectively increase vaginal lubrication in women.

Provestra-supplement was intentionally created to address the effects of aging in women with a special emphasis on restoring hormonal levels so as to achieve peak sexual function and pleasure.

With Provestra-pills you’ll also enjoy improved sexual health, lesser symptoms of PMS, including fewer mood swings.

And you’ll definitely be thinking a lot more about sex. And If you’re good with that, then so are we!

Provestra changes a woman’s life by putting some satisfying awesome sex back where it belongs – in your bedroom!

So click the banner below and Feel the Rush of Desire From Inside

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